Face-to-face courses

Face-to-face course in Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort

21-03-2024 to 30-03-2024
25 slots
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This is the face-to-face course of tourist entertainment at the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort

Do you consider yourself an active and outgoing person? Do you love meeting people, learning new things and making others smile? If you feel identified with all this and you think that your workplace is not within the four walls of an office, we have one last question for you: have you thought about working as a tourist entertainer? A fun, dynamic job where every day is different from the last.

If just imagining it has put a smile to your face, keep reading because you have the chance to make it a reality with the initiation to tourist entertainment course at the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort, in Huelva. Now comes the best part: you can do the course without having any experience in entertainment and, what’s more, all those who pass will get a job offer with Acttiv. Not bad, right?


What will I learn with this Acttiv course?

Everything you need to start working as a tourist entertainer. Over 10 days you will experience first-hand and directly from the hotel what your day-to-day life will consist of as part of the entertainment team of a big resort. A training that includes some theory knowledge to help you get started in the animation world and, of course, lots of practice!

Sports and children’s activities, minidico, microphone techniques, games and to live the shows from the perspective of their protagonists. Because, if something is really important at the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort, it’s the shows! So, get your inner artist ready because… the show must go on!

What requirements do I have to meet to take the course?

It is important that you take into account these requirements before signing up for the course:
– You must be of legal age (over 18 years old)
– You must have a passport from a European Union country or a work permit in Spain.
– You will be dealing with international guests, so it is necessary that you have a medium level of English as well as a high level of Spanish, in order to successfully complete the course.
– Speaking Portuguese will be a plus for your incorporation to the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort, due to its proximity to Portugal
– Have some dancing skills, either professional or amateur, the stage is waiting for you!

What will happen when you finish the course?

First of all, you’ll get your certificate of the Acttiv initiation course for tourist entertainment and then comes the best part: you’ll start your professional career! We offer a job to all students who have successfully completed the training.

It is very important that you will be able to work for a minimum of 6 months (continuously) from the date you join us, as you will be joining us for the next high season.

Even so, it is important that you bear in mind that, although the course is given at the Hotel Barceló Punta Umbría Beach Resort, this may not be your definitive place of work and that a vacancy in another hotel in the area may be more suited to your skills. Therefore, it is essential that you are flexible and have geographical availability.

It’s time to make entertainment your job! We look forward to seeing you on our course