Face-to-face courses

Face-to-face course in Benalmádena

19-04-2024 to 28-04-2024
15 slots

This is the face-to-face course of Tourist Entertainment in Benalmádena

We can say loud and clear that the Costa del Sol is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Andalusia, something that, if you live in Spain, you probably already know. In fact, if you live in Malaga, it is very likely that you have thought about the possibility of dedicating yourself to tourism as a professional career and it is also possible that you have found an impediment: you don’t have professional experience. If that’s the case, read on because we’re going to tell you how to get a job in the most fun part of the hotel industry without any previous experience: become a tourist entertainer!

All you need is a positive attitude and enthusiasm; we’ll teach you the rest. With the initiation course for tourist entertainment that Acttiv teaches at the Hotel Holiday World Polynesia in Benalmádena, you will learn everything you need to start your career as a professional tourist entertainer. In addition, it will be said and done! Since this is a training with a commitment to hire, this means that all students who successfully complete the course will get a job offer with us.

What will I learn with this Acttiv course?

You will find the answer in any animation team planning, as you will learn how to carry out each and every one of them! Organizing the famous aquagym, setting up all kinds of sports activities, children’s activities or family games, how to do balloon modelling, facepainting… Not forgetting one of the most fun parts: everything to do with the stage, such as the minidisco, night shows or the techniques needed to speak into a microphone.

In short, with Acttiv’s initiation course for tourist entertainment you will acquire all the skills you need for your day-to-day work as an entertainer. We will teach you not only how to do things, but we will also provide you with the resources you need to work with clients like a fish in water, all in just 10 days! Are you up for the challenge?

What requirements do I have to meet to take the course?

The students of today are our entertainers of tomorrow, so there are certain requirements that we must take into account before starting the course:

– You must be of legal age (over 18 years old)

– You must have a passport from a European Union country or a work permit in Spain

– You will be dealing with international guests, so it is necessary that you have a medium-high level of English and Spanish in order to successfully complete the course.

– Be living in Malaga

What will happen when you finish the course?

Then it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice! First, we will provide you with your certificate of the initiation course for tourist entertainment and, after that, your career as an entertainer will begin!

First of all, it is very important that you are clear about a few points:

– You must be able to work for a minimum of 6 months (continuously) from the date you join the course.

– Depending on your profile and the needs of the hotel, it is possible that you may join us immediately after finishing the course or during the following high season.

– It is essential that you have geographical availability. At Acttiv we work with hotels all over Spain, so it is possible that your profile may fit better with a vacancy in another hotel in the area. You must be flexible in this aspect, as it is not 100% certain that your definitive place of work will be the Holiday World Polynesia Hotel in Benalmádena.


Are you looking for a first job? An opportunity to start a career in tourism? Or a fun, creative and dynamic job? We are waiting for you!

Taught by

Oliver Rodríguez
Sevillian, social educator by profession and entertainer since he was old enough to work as one. However, if there is one thing that defines Oliver, it is his passion for dance and show business, so much so that he has won several national competitions in Latin rhythms. So much so that he has won several national competitions in Latin rhythms. Almost nothing! A vocation that he is in charge of transmitting with great enthusiasm to the new generations of tourist entertainers, since Oliver is one of the teachers of our courses. With all his joy and self-confidence, he has the mission of teaching the younger ones all the secrets of this world.