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Tourist entertainment online course for Gerona and Tarragona

08-05-2023 to 28-05-2023
15 slots
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This is the Acttiv Online Course for Tourist Entertainment

Aquagym, mini-disco, pilates class, cocktail game, evening show… These words are part of a hotel’s leisure activities plan, but they can become your daily tasks! How? Work as a tourist entertainer with Acttiv! No experience? Not a problem. If you have a positive attitude, we’ll give you the first job opportunity in this world!

Thanks to our online course for tourist entertainment, you will learn everything you need to start working with us in any of our hotels or campsites in Catalonia. We will guarantee a job for everyone who passes our course successfully. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


What will I learn in this course?

The aim is for you to make tourist entertainment your profession. Through different videos, you will enter the world of entertainment, until you learn all the secrets of the day-to-day work of an entertainment team. A total of 80 hours of training distributed in 21 calendar days. As it is online, you can do it when and where you want, combining it with your studies, classes or whatever you want.

But what are you going to learn? From basic concepts about the establishments, to microphone techniques, make-up, what the activity programmes consist of, to organize games and sports, among many other things. Through videos we will explain everything to you and, of course, we will also evaluate you. We will make you a 360º entertainer!


What requirements do I have to meet to take the course?

There are certain things you must take into account before you sign up for the online initiation course for tourist entertainment:
• You must be of legal age, i.e. over 18 years old.
• Have a passport from a European Union country or a work permit in Spain.
• Residing in Catalonia o wanting to work there.
• Languages:
– The course is taught in Spanish, so it is important that you have a medium-high level of Spanish to be able to successfully complete the course. Nevertheless, you will be dealing with international guests, so it’s necessary to have a medium level of English to communicate with the guest and your new teammates.
– Catalan is a big advantage, as well as other languages like Dutch and French.


I’ve finished the course and…now what?

After getting your certificate of the Acttiv online course for tourist entertainment comes the best part: start your professional career! We will offer a job to all students who successfully completed the course, within 2 months from the day they have indicated that their availability starts.

It is very important that you can work for a minimum of 6 months (continuously) from the date you start.


Where will I work after the online course for tourist entertainment?

One of the most frequently asked questions! We assure you that we will find the hotel or campsite in the region of Catalonia that best suits your personality and skills. We understand that this is a subject that arouses a lot of curiosity, but it is not a question that we can answer before you finish the course. The reason is that it depends entirely on your profile.

If you are sporty or have related studies, you are likely to work in a hotel with top fitness/wellness activities; whereas, if you have experience working with children or in education, you are likely to fit in an establishment with a great leisure offer for children. We will look for the perfect match!

A fun job, where you can learn new languages and meet people from all over Europe is waiting for you. Sign up now for the online course for tourist entertainment!

Taught by

Anita Colmenero
It's not Ana, it's Anita. Anita lives with her dog, Thai, a 52-kilo Presa Canario. If Anita knows how to tame a creature like Thai, winning over the students on our introductory courses is a piece of cake.