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At Acttiv, we’ve been working for 20 years to make people’s vacations unforgettable with innovative leisure programs in hotels and campsites. We archive this thanks to the talent of all the people in our teams, who we constantly train, offering a career in the world of tourist entertainment. At Acttiv, we take fun very seriously!

About Invisa Hotels

Who doesn’t dream of living in Ibiza? If you want to work in an enviable location, in a Mediterranean paradise, with both relaxation and excitement…we have the perfect place! Invisa Hotels is a hotel chain with over fifty years of experience in the tourism industry. It has five establishments, all located on the «white island» and surrounded by dreamlike natural settings. Their philosophy? Creating magical experiences. If just reading this has made you want to pack your bags, there’s more!

Job Description

Attention, lovers of tourist entertainment! We are looking for energetic, versatile people who want to work in paradise. If you dare to take on any challenge, come and work in Ibiza!

At Acttiv, we want to incorporate animators full of good vibes into our teams at the Invisa chain. Sports, water activities, crafts, shows…these positions have something for everyone.
Can’t live far from the gym? Is your middle name «sporty»? Then get ready to lead aerobic, aquagym, or Zumba classes. If sports are your thing, become a fitness animator. You’ll organize all kinds of directed activities and sports competitions.

Oh, you prefer working with children…No problem! As a mini-club animator, you’ll practice your inner child’s creativity. Your mission will be to organize all kinds of activities for children and make their vacations unforgettable: from crafts and treasure hunts to balloon twisting and pool activities. And, above all, get ready to dress up and give it your all in the mini-disco.

But if you’re a real all-rounder, then your position is that of a versatile animator. No activity is too challenging, and you radiate good vibes with all ages. You can take charge of both adult games and children’s leisure activities. Sports competitions, night shows, even bingo sessions…You were born to face it all.

Of course, everything is better in good company. That’s why, in addition to your colleagues (teams of up to 12 animators), you’ll have the support of the chief animation, the chain’s animation director, and the area coordinator. They will guide and advise you so that your activities always meet the quality standards of both the hotel and Acttiv.

What we're looking for?

• Experience as an animator for at least one season
• A good level of English (at least B2) and German, Dutch, or Spanish…any other language is a plus
• Education: no specific qualifications required, but we value animation, childcare, sports or dance studies positively
• Availability: April – November 2023


Additionally, you’ll fit in perfectly if:
•  You’re versatile and open to new challenges
•  You radiate energy and good vibes
•  You like working in a team
• You like the color orange

What if you want to be an animator, but you don’t have experience? Don’t worry! At Acttiv, we’ll train you thanks to our initiation courses in tourist animation. In addition to preparing you to work, we commit to hiring you if you pass the training. Sign up!

What we offer?

As an Acttiv entertainer, you’ll get the following perks:
• Accommodation: you can either use the hotel-provided accommodation or find your own. If you decide to use it, €160 net will be deducted from your monthly pay to cover expenses.
• Meals included in the staff canteen
• 2 days off per week
• Acttiv Contract: Fixed-term contract
• Accident insurance and civil liability insurance (during working hours) • Social Security
• 30 days of vacation per year worked
• Help with processing registration in the Spanish contribution system

But wait, there’s more!

At Acttiv, we want you to grow with us. Being part of our team means more than just a cool orange t-shirt and amazing destinations. We want you to develop your professional career within our company. That’s why 65% of our staff have been entertainers in the past.

So, if you join our team, you’ll enjoy:
• A strong future projection within Acttiv
• A positive work environment
• Continuous training in different areas related to the world of tourist entertainment and with the brand’s commitment to innovation
• Support from the area coordinator and HR team.
• A huge database of activities at your disposal to inspire you
• The possibility of moving between destinations if you want to know different places

There are 52 people enrolled in this offer.