Face-to-face courses

Face-to-face course in Torremolinos (Malaga)

20-05-2024 to 29-05-2024
12 slots

This is the face-to-face course of Tourist Entertainment in Torremolinos

Perhaps you have seen a hotel’s entertainment team performing activities for guests or nightly shows and thought that it would be fun to work there. If you also love dealing with people, have new experiences every day and you are always full of energy, we have good news: now is the perfect time to become a tourist entertainer!

Whether you have no experience in the hotel industry or if you are looking for your first job, at Acttiv we believe that the most important thing is attitude and that everything else can be learned. With this idea in mind, we created the initiation course for tourist entertainment, a training that will give you all the tools to become a 360º entertainer and that will enable you to start working from the moment you finish the course. And we are not just saying this, we offer a job to all students who pass the course. Would you like to give it a try?


What will I learn with this Acttiv course?

During this 10-day face-to-face training, you will get to know (almost) all of the secrets of tourist animation first-hand.

And what is the key to the success of our course? A lot of practice! Take note because you’ll do everything: organize games for adults and children, learn how to run a sporting activity or speak into a microphone in front of a crowd, dress up and give it your all with the little ones at the minidisco… But, above all, you’ll learn how to make others happy while you enjoy yourself too! What’s more, you’ll share this experience with other young people in the same situation with whom you’re sure to have a lot in common. Fun is guaranteed!

What requirements do I have to meet to take the course?

It is important that you take into account these requirements before signing up for the course:

– You must be of legal age (over 18 years old)

– You must have a passport from a European Union country or a work permit in Spain.

– You will be dealing with international guests, so it is necessary that you have a medium-high level of English and Spanish, in order to successfully complete the course.

– Living in Málaga

What will happen when you finish the course?

What’s promised is what’s promised! Once you have your certificate of the initiation course for tourist entertainment under your arm, start your adventure as a tourist entertainer! As this is a training course with a commitment of employment, we offer a job to all students who have passed the course.

It is very important that you are clear about some important points before starting your career with Acttiv:

– You must be able to work for a minimum of 6 months (continuously) from the date you join us

– Depending on your profile and the needs of the hotel, it is possible that you may join us immediately after finishing the course or during the following high season

– It is essential that you are flexible and have geographical availability. Why? Because, even if the course takes place in Torremolinos, it is possible that your profile fits much better with a vacancy in another hotel in the area, even in Andalusia. Either way, we will find the perfect job for you!


Make a change in your life! Become a tourist entertainer with Acttiv and live an international experience in Spain!

Taught by

David Gabriel
Don't be fooled by his Canarian accent because David comes from the Czech Republic, no less. He got to know tourist animation working in Greece in 2015 but he fell in love with the Canary Islands, specifically with the nature of Tenerife. Now he is part of the training team as one of Acttiv's teachers, and patience is one of his great virtues!