Who we are

Animajobs is the job portal specialising in tourism, leisure and entertainment. Our goal is to put companies and establishments in the sector in contact with talented people looking for a job opportunity.

Behind Animajobs is Acttiv, a company dedicated to creating and training teams capable of developing and implementing innovative, outstanding leisure programmes in hotels and campsites throughout Spain.

That’s why at Animajobs you’ll find a human resources team with decades of experience in the training and selection of personnel for the tourist entertainment and leisure sector. We are therefore very closely aligned with the needs of both companies and candidates, as we know their requirements intimately.


Management of employment vacancies

We advertise quality employment vacancies. The candidate sees all the relevant information about the position for which they are applying: the company offering the position, the location, salary, availability, job description, post functions and requirements. The candidate’s personal area means that following up job applications, and profile updating, is very quick and easy; this facilitates the job search.

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Recruitment Days

To meet talented young people in person, we have a calendar of recruitment days and castings throughout Spain. Attending these is the fastest way for you to get a job, and we can answer your questions about the job positions available immediately.

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We know that access to the labour market and/or changing career direction can be very complicated. To help candidates develop their professional career in the tourism and leisure sector, we have put together a variety of training courses which include all the key elements necessary for you to succeed in this new challenge.

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International employment

Speaking several languages ​​is an essential skill for many companies in the tourism and leisure sector. For this reason, our employment offers are aimed at people of any European Union nationality or who have a valid work permit that allows them to work in Spain.