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Recruitment day in Barcelona

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Are you looking for a job, but already get bored by thinking of passing the entire day behind a computer? If you think you need a job that’s more active, different, fun and offers a new adventure every day… We have good news for you: We are looking for tourist entertainers on the coast of Catalonia!

Imagine your mission would be to make people happy during their holidays. Sounds good, right? How would you go around doing this? By doing all kinds of activities like sports, family games, activities for the little ones, dances, performances, shows.. And, no need for prior experience in entertainment!

If by reading this you’ve mentally teleported to the beach, the stage or an aquagym session at the pool, you’re in luck. We’re looking forward to meeting you at our selection day in Barcelona! An opportunity to get to know each other and, especially, find a job (or even your first job).

Who can participate in our selection day?

We’d love to be able to invite everyone, but in order to be eligible for a job you’ll need to meet certain requisites:

– You must be over 18 years old
– Spanish nationality, a European passport or a Spanish work permit
– Good Spanish skills
– Related studies in early childhood education or experience with children, as activity monitor or dancing and singing skills are valued (but not mandatory)


Forget all you’ve been told about job interviews because this one is different. If working as a tourist entertainer is great fun, the selection process isn’t going to be anything less!

First, we’ll tell all candidates what the job as tourist entertainer is like, about Acttiv and we’ll even share some first hand experiences of entertainers who have worked with us and then… enough talk! Afterwards we’ll pass on to some group dynamics in which you can show us your skills, no need to feel embarrassed, just good laughs, dances and entertainment!

Before we finish, our colleagues from Human Resources will have an individual conversation with each of you in order to get to know you more, to know what you expect from this job, what your availability is.. everything! Ah, and it’s also time to check your language skills!

A job that’s different, in which you’ll meet young people from all over Europe while you learn languages and do what you love most is just one step away! Sign up! We’re waiting for you at our Selection Day in Barcelona.


Thursday, June 13, 17:00