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Hotel Regente
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Games, sports, gymkhanas, shows, learning languages, meeting people from all over Europe.. Sounds good, right? Even better if all of this happens in a destination on the Spanish coast with sun and beach all over! And, if we told you you’ll even get paid for it? If you don’t know how to make this happen, we have the answer: work as a tourist entertainer with Acttiv.

We’re on tour discovering young, talented people wanting to start off their professional career in the entertainment sector. If you’re looking for a job, consider an 8 hour a day office job is not for you and think you’re an extroverted, dynamical person, we’d love to meet you. We can’t wait to see you at our Tourist Entertainers Selection day in Madrid.

It’s not mandatory to have prior work experience. In fact, we think becoming an entertainer is a great way to start your first job. The only thing you need is a good attitude and loads of energy, as your mission will be to create unforgettable holidays for the guests. And how will you do that? Doing all kinds of sports, games with the little ones, dances, performances, shows.. The perfect job? We definitely think so!

If you want to escape the big city and experience an unforgettable summer at the beach, here’s your chance! We offer positions on the coasts of Andalucía, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. We’ve got loads of kilometre long beaches for you to bring fun and Acttiv’s ‘Taking fun seriously’ spirit to!

Who can participate in our selection day?

– You must be over 18 years old
– Spanish nationality, a European passport or a Spanish work permit
– Good Spanish skills
– Related studies in early childhood education or experience with children, as activity monitor or dancing and singing skills are valued (but not mandatory)


It’s the perfect opportunity to meet each other in person. First we’ll tell you all you need to know about the company and the tourist entertainment sector. What will your day to day be like, which will be your tasks, where you’ll live.. everything! Afterwards, when we’ve finished our speech and have cleared up any doubts there may be, it’s time for action. Put your embarrassment aside and get ready for our group dynamics! Got any special talent? Do you dance? Sing? It’s your time to show us.

To bring the selection day to an end we’ll conduct personal interviews. This will be when you can tell us all about yourself and let us know your preferences. Our colleagues of the HR team will take everything into account and will also check your Spanish language skills.

An international experience without leaving Spain awaits you.. And so do we! Sign up now and see you soon in Madrid!


Saturday, February 3, 11:00