Allround entertainer for Andalusia



At Acttiv we have been working for 20 years to make people’s holidays unforgettable with innovative leisure programmes in hotels and campsites. A mission that we achieve thanks to the talent of all those who form part of our teams, whom we train on an ongoing basis, offering them a career in the world of tourist entertainment. At Acttiv we take fun very seriously!

Job description

Let yourself be carried away by the sensations, that’s what the advert said. And there’s truth in that: Andalusia is pure sensation. From its calm Mediterranean coasts to its rugged Atlantic beaches, this community of sun and good vibes is full of contrasts and life.

That is precisely what we are looking for at Acttiv: a unique and energetic person to join our team as a multi-skilled entertainer.

We are talking about someone who is an all-rounder, who knows all the secrets of the world of entertainment. If you’re up for everything from sports to children’s games, this post is for you!

Your responsibilities will be:
• Organising children’s games for all ages, from the mini-club (3 to 8 years old) to the maxi-club (9 to 12 years old) and even teens (from 12 years old).
• Implementing activities of the adult programme: sports, games such as bingo or a quiz, or handicraft workshops, among others.
• Dancing with the children at the mini-disco
• Participating in the nightly entertainment shows
• Being able to speak to an audience with a microphone.
• Liaising with guests and promoting the day’s activities
• Taking care of the equipment necessary for all activities

For all of this you will have the support of the entertainments manager, who will be the person in charge of helping and advising you on how to carry out the activities according to the hotel’s and Acttiv’s quality standards.

What are we asking for?

At Acttiv we are not going to ask you to be able to juggle, but we would like a person with the ability to juggle:
• Experience as an entertainer for at least one season
• A good level of Spanish and English (B2). French, Portuguese… and any other language is a plus.
• Education: no specific qualification is required, but we value studies in entertainment, children’s education, sport or dance as an asset.
• Availability: June – November 2024

In addition to these requirements, you will fit in perfectly if:
• Your character is outgoing
• You have no shame
• You feel that you adapt well to new situations
• You like to work in a team

But wait: you want to be an entertainer and you have no experience? It’s OK! We invite you to discover our introductory courses in tourist entertainment. In addition to preparing you for work, Acttiv is committed to hiring you if you pass them.

What do we offer?

As an allround entertainer, you will enjoy the following conditions:
• Accommodation: you can use the accommodation offered by the hotel or find your own accommodation. If you decide to use it, €165 per month will be deducted from your salary to pay expenses.
• Meals included in the staff canteen
• 1,5-2 days off per week
• Acttiv Contract: Permanent seasonal
• Mutual insurance for accidents at work and civil liability insurance (during working hours).
• Social Security
• 30 (calendar) days’ holiday per year worked
• Help with registration in the Spanish contribution system.

But that is not all.

At Acttiv we are committed to helping you develop your career with us. It is not for nothing that 65% of our staff have been entertainers in the past. We want you to grow professionally with us.

That’s why, if you join our team, you will enjoy:
• Professional advancement and a top working environment
• Continuous training in different subjects related to the world of tourist entertainment and the brand’s commitment to innovation.
• Support from the area coordinator and the HR team
• A huge library of activities at your disposal to inspire you
• The possibility of moving between destinations if you are looking to see different places.