Entertainment manager for Levante


About Acttiv

At Acttiv we have been working for 20 years to make people’s holidays unforgettable with innovative leisure programmes in hotels and campsites. A mission that we achieve thanks to the talent of all those who form part of our teams, whom we train on an ongoing basis, offering them a career in the world of tourist entertainment. At Acttiv we take fun very seriously!

Job description

Castles in the sea, colourful villages and the calm waves of the Mediterranean. The Levante is a jewel full of culture, beach and sun. It is not for nothing that anyone who is lucky enough to visit it falls in love with it.

In this environment of contrasts Acttiv seeks to create incredible experiences. For this, we need an entertainment manager with leadership skills and who is not afraid of organisational tasks, as in this position you will be in charge of a team of entertainers and you will work side by side with your area coordinator.

Your responsibilities will be:
• Launching the programme of daytime and evening activities.
• Organising the schedules of the entertainers
• Reporting information on entertainment activities to Acttiv.
• Following Acttiv’s quality policy
• Being aware of the needs of your team’s entertainers.
• Attending and receiving training provided by the company.
• Participating in meetings with other entertainment leaders in your area.
• Monitoring your team’s time recording
• Training and evaluating your team

Of course, it’s not all paperwork. You will also take part in activities and shows, and interact with guests from all over the world.

What are we asking for?

You don’t need magical powers to join our team, but we do need someone who:
• Has previous experience of at least one season as head of entertainment.
• Has an excellent level of Spanish and English. Any other language is always welcome
• Valued education (but not essential): studies related to tourist entertainment or tourism.
• Proficiency in office tools such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint.
• Is available for at least from June – October 2024

Besides, you will fit in perfectly if you are a person who is:
• Dynamic
• Creative
• Organised
• Resolute
• With leadership skills
• Eager to innovate and improve

What do we offer?

At Acttiv we want you to develop professionally with us. It is not for nothing that 65% of our staff and 95% of our HR team have been entertainers. That’s why we offer you an excellent working environment and the opportunity to grow within the company.

But in addition to a future career path and good vibes, as a member of our team you will enjoy:
• Continuous training in different subjects related to the world of tourist entertainment and the brand’s commitment to innovation.
• Support from the area coordinator and the HR team
• A huge library of activities at your disposal to inspire you
• The possibility of moving between destinations if you want to get to know Spain in depth.

For the position of head of entertainment, you will enjoy the following conditions:
• Accommodation: in some cases you will be able to use the accommodation offered (single room). If you decide to use it, €165 net per month will be deducted from your salary to pay expenses. In other cases we cannot help you with accommodation and you must live in the area.
• Meals included in the staff canteen
• 1,5-2 days off per week
• Acttiv Contract: Permanent seasonal
• Mutual insurance for accidents at work and civil liability insurance (during working hours).
• Social Security
• 30 (calendar) days holiday per year worked
• Help with registration in the Spanish contribution system.